I love girls night! 
Last night was supposed to be a big group of us going to the Strip together but it turned into girls night.  We went down to the Linq and if you don't live in Vegas it is where our (fairly new) huge ferris wheel is and they also have some cool shops and restaurants down there.  It was a bit chilly I might add so we just had to get ourselves some Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate!  

We went to a Polaroid Museum! It was so cool

Are you guys excited for the New Year?  
I know I am! I am excited for a new chapter! This year was a lot of good and bad memories, fun and heartbreak, hello's and goodbye's, people in and out of life but in the end I can say I'm thankful for all of it and the lessons that I've learned.  
Life throws some crazy situations at us but in the end it is always used for a purpose... even though that is hard to believe at times! 
Make this year great!
Love you guys