Today i lived the hipster life.  This morning i met up with my friends Andrew and Hope and we went to this coffee house in Vegas called Sunrise Coffee House and we sat and talked while sipping our delicious coffee.  After Sunrise we went to the District which is in Henderson Las Vegas and we went to Anthropologie and marveled over the things we wish we had the money for then we went to this new cafe called Lyfe Kitchen.  At Lyfe Kitchen they have about 5 different menu's for all different allergies.  They had a Gluten Free menu and i got a BBQ Chicken Flatbread and Sweat Potato Fries and it tasted amazing! (i recommend this place) 
Then we went to WholeFoods where we all bought succulent plants! 
I have beed wanting Succulents so bad and i finally got them and i named them Loyd and Felix! 
What an amazing day spent with great company! 
Hope you guys are having a good weekend.

Keep it Beautiful