What a great Friday it was! We had amazing weather in Vegas today.  It was raining cats and dogs!!!
I love this kind of weather but i don't think i would like it if it were every day but since it never rains in Vegas i am in love with it.

Today i woke up, got my coffee, spent an amazing time with The Lord and then got ready for the day.
When i woke up this morning i thought i was going to get coffee with a friend but then i got a call to see if i could come into Starbucks for an interview at 4:30.  I went into my interview and i wore what is in the picture above.
Once i got done with my interview i went home and changed into clothes that were a little more appropriate for the weather.

And what better way to eat your favorite soup then outside in the rainy weather and beautiful sky?

This was after the rain and the sun was setting and the colors in the sky were just amazing!!
After this i went to a bible study with my young adults group and it was so amazing and fun!

And we end it with a selfie. 
I hope you guys had an amazing Friday and have a great weekend!
It's fall!!!!!

Keep it Beautiful