Happy Friday Munchkins! 
Why have i been loving converse so much lately? i just love being casual these days.
Today i wore a little daisy necklace from Brandy Melville with A striped tank top that i got out of my moms closet and paired it with an old jean jacket from Gap that was also in my moms closet (I'm pretty sure it is straight from the 90's). 
Today was actually my saturday so it was very nice not having to go to work and being able to wear what i wanted. 
i went to my high school today and had lunch with a few of my seniors and then i went to get my guitar strings changed out.  after the kiddies got out of school i went to coffee with my friend Andrew at Samba.  now I'm just spending a wonderful night with my bestfriend. 
hope you guys have the most wonderful weekend! 
Keep it Beautiful