I am starting the new thing where I post ever Friday and show you guys my outfit that I am wearing that day. I want to be posting more often so if I have a set day to post something specific it might make me actually post something every week!

Today i went for more of a comfy casual kind of look.  lately i have been dressing very California/comfy.  

Today i went to my old high school and i spoke to the senior class and just encouraged them to be praying about what they think they want to do.  i also told them my experience so far being out of high school.  After speaking with them i had lunch with one of my friends who is in the senior class.  Later i had to go to work... bummer but its friday and also Calvary's first football game! after work i went straight to the game and saw some old friends from my class.  After the game i went to my friends house and played the "name game" and i was the 15th wheeling the group! hurray for singleness! 

i hope you guys had an awesome friday and i wish everyone a wonderful weekend!

Keep it Beautiful