Do you guys ever have those weeks?  There are just things hitting you left and right?

...yeah i did!

This week was crazy!!!  On tuesday i decided i don't want to go to Paul Mitchell anymore, or at least not right now and that i want to go to Bible College and study worship and become a worship leader. Thursday i got the worst news ever and friday i had to deal with the bad news i got then saturday-wednesday i was trying to go to bible college this semester (which starts in 10 days).  Wednesday night i talked to my pastor after service and he told me it is wise for me to stay home for this first semester and that he might make a position for me to worship intern at the church as a volunteer!
So these past two weeks now have been a lot of good news but a lot of bad news as well unfortunately.  i know that The Lord works everything together for His will but its just hard when we can't see the whole picture but our Lord can see it and He knows that even all these bad things are going to benefit is in the future.

thats all i have for you today i hope you guys had a good week and if you didn't go ahead and comment and if you did have a good week comment!

Keep it Beautiful