Yes I named this post after the One Direction song, who wouldn't after the night I had.

It was the last night of spring break and my friends and I planned to pull an all-nighter.  Not knowing what we were going to do that night I took matters into my own hands and made the plans.  I didn't tell anyone what I had planned but I did tell them it would be fun.  My friends and I live in Las Vegas but I thought it would be fun to play tourist and go take a picture at the Las Vegas sign.  This was the first stop on our crazy night.  

 Its hard to get a good picture of yourself and the sign, this is the best I could do.  After taking a couple pictures I drove us to this cave that a lot of kids have bonfires and parties in, luckily no one was there the night I had planned for us to go see this cave.

After visiting the cave we arrived at Walmart were we had a scavenger hunt.  (In the picture below I had to put on a pair of boxers but they were a little too small)  After my team lost we drove to Wendy's to get a little grub in our tummies.

After we satisfied our stomachs we went and TP'd our cool math teachers house.  

And then came the best part of the night... our whipped cream fight!!  Now smelling like rotten Whipped cream I though it would be nice to go in the jacuzzi but of course we couldn't figure out how to get it hot so our friend Andrew let us take showers at his house instead.

 We hung out at Andrews house for a little then drove to mine where we started to get tired but we only had and hour till we would go get Starbucks and watch the sunrise.  We ended our amazing night with a lovely breakfast at The Cracked Egg.

After it was all done and over with I went home and straight to bed, woke up with midnight memories.

Keep it Beautiful