The name of this blog is Breakup or Makeup and the reason I named it this is because I want to talk about it all! Obviously makeup will be involved but I want to talk all about fashion, makeup, boys, and of course everything else girls love! I would definitely say I'm a girlie girl, I love it all.  I enjoy getting ready in the morning, getting dolled up for school, doing my makeup and hair and trying to make my school uniform look a little decent. 

I never understood the girls who don't like getting ready and just bum it!  I get it we all have a "bumming it" day but I try my best to look good everyday.  Its not because I feel i need to impress people but it is literally because I love getting ready.  I love putting my makeup on and doing my hair.  I guess that's why I'm going to beauty school and not studying to become a doctor. 

I want to show you guys what I use, what I like and a little taste of my style.  I don't know how to describe my style.  It's a little bit of everything because I dress on my mood.  If I'm feeling girlie I will dress girlie, if I am feeling more rocker chic that day then I'll dress a little more edgy.  I have always thought that I needed one style to stick with but then I met my best friend Rachel who does the same thing.  That's why we are besties!

Since I'm going to cosmetology school I want this blog to be about all things beauty!  I will admit I don't always know if how I do things is the right way but I will soon learn in beauty school and you guys get to come on the journey with me!

Keep it beautiful