When we were in Vegas for our baby shower, I really wanted to kill 2 birds with one stone so I also scheduled our maternity shoot. David's cousin, since he was coming to shoot the baby shower agreed to do a maternity shoot up at red rock and made all of my golden hour dreams come true! 

I sent him some inspiration photos that really screamed golden hour and I think that we met our goal! I really love how these photos turned out and cant wait to show them one day to our boy. 

As I was getting dressed, I put on heels that would have looked so cute with dress but couldn't imagine the thought of me trying to walk in the desert with them so I ended up putting my sneakers and high white dad socks on that you'll see in this post and although I did not want them shot, we did get a few with my dad sneaks so enjoy the site of me choosing comfort over looks. A GIRLS GOTTA DO WHAT A GIRLS GOTTA DO! 

After receiving the photos I wanted to see what a few of them looked like in black and white so the following photos are with my edits but thought they were also worth sharing. 

These photos turned out exactly how I dreamed they would and I know I will forever look back on them and cherish these moments. 

If you are in the Arizona area or looking for a photographer, contact Esteban Villabon here