Photo by : Now is Jess

These are some of my favorite posts to do and I mean I've only written 4 blog posts between last year and now so clearly I just love doing these gift guides. I am very thankful for the Holiday season to be here as I am sure a lot of you are because we all know what year we have had and I don't know but something about the Holidays make it seem like... it's all okay now that Christmas is here. 

I wanted to keep this years guides really simple 1 because I just love simplicity and 2 I really don't have time to make a whole magazine of gift ideas but I think what I have gathered up this year are some really good practical and affordable gift options. We all love affordable right? 

As I write this I am currently listening to the 12 Days of Christmas by Bing Crosby so we are getting into that Christmas spirit! So maybe stop reading this momentarily so you can turn on some Christmas jams and really feel the season with me. 

David and I will not be going home with family for Christmas for the first time so instead we planned a nice secluded beach trip for him and I to really enjoy our time together and will celebrate before at home with our tree and our puppy... who is currently sleeping so cute on our couch right now and I wish you could see her. 

David and I don't go too expensive on gifts. This year is the most we have ever done and spent for Christmas with our trip and the few gifts we got for each other (that I included below and are we already using) but normally we try to keep Christmas pretty affordable and set a budget. So I included some low budget items in this guide too because we love affordable gifts! 

I also wrote an Instagram Christmas Gift Guide "Guide" on my favorite products and shops so check that out too! Click here to read!

You can shop all these products at the bottom of the page or on the Shop tab at the top of the page. Happy shopping!