I had always seen different ways of asking your closest girl friends to be your bridesmaids on Pinterest and I couldn't wait until it was my turn to ask mine but I had to do it on a budget. I wanted to be creative and I wanted there to be a theme.

I ended up going to Hobby Lobby to see what I could create and how I could incorporate my wedding into the idea. I am getting married in Arizona and so naturally I thought of succulents and cacti. At Hobby Lobby I found some little Cardboard boxes, Mylar Gift Shred, little Gold Note Cards, and some Celebration stickers all for $13 and I got these cute little cacti at Home Depot for only $4 each. A total of $37 for 6 girls! Not bad!

When I got home I searched for cactus sayings for a good 20 minuted before finding something that would work for this little project! I wrote on these little gold cards "I want to have a fan-CACTUS day but I can't do that without you! Will you be my bridesmaid?" I thought it was simple, cute, and perfect for our Arizona wedding!

Wedding planning has been fun and very busy but the Lord has been so good to David and I by blessing us and providing for this wedding! We didn't need anymore confirmation about eachother but He has given us that extra reassurance that this relationship is from Him and we are supposed to be getting married. For example, we are having complete trust in the Lord to provide for us and make this wedding happen and He has done just that! He has blessed us with family, friends, and even strangers who are gifting us with things for our wedding! He is so GOOD!!

Our family and parents have been showing us extra support and love through this time and again, they are blessing us so much! I hope to take you along with me through this wedding planning so be on the lookout for more posts coming very soon!