W E ' R E   E N G A G E D ! !

If you don't follow me on Instagram then this is your official announcement! David and I got engaged this Sunday in Mazatlan Mexico and it was the most dreamy romantic engagement ever! First of all we have been in Mazatlan the past week on a missions trip with our church putting on a HUGE crusade with some amazing speakers and artists and on our last day, Sunday, David had planned for us to wake up early together, go to the beach, and do our devos together. Saturday was the longest and hardest day we had in Mazatlan as we were putting on the biggest event of the whole week. We were up since 5 am and had been working hard all day long. At 1 am on Saturday night I was not looking forward to waking up early again to do my devos with David but I just endured it and woke up early (you could say I had zero clue he was planning to propose.)

When we walked to the beach we sat on a little ledge that overlooked the dusk ocean and he read me a devotional and then we both prayed for each other. His prayer was so sweet and intentional, praying for our marriage and relationship and after we both got done praying for one another, he looked at me and said "I want to kiss you." Very confused I said okay, thinking why is he announcing it and not just giving me a kiss? He continued to just look at me and then said but can you stand up? At this point I saw him fidgeting and holding his left hand behind his back and I thought oh man this is happening. We both stood up and he got on one knee and asked me if I would marry him and I said "Of course I will!" My entire body was shaking as I saw my friends Nikki, Loide, and Tony there taking pictures of us and I was completely surprised!

We continued to take a few pictures along the beach as the sun was coming up and it was just the most beautiful morning and engagement I could have ever imagined... and I was thankful that I woke up early for it!

I am so thankful that The Lord has blessed me with such an amazing man of God and I cannot wait to marry him!

We also want to thank all the people who have been pouring into our relationship and have been helping us and guiding us along the way :)

Wedding date coming soon!