It seems as if the moment I got into a relationship, my life also got a ton busier and I haven't been able to blog as much or post as much on Instagram. For those who may follow me on Instagram it may seem as if one day, all of a sudden, I just had a boyfriend and then was engaged and since then, I haven't really had the time I've wanted to write all the cute blog posts I've had dreamed up for this moment. But, no better time to start than the present time so, here is a blog post about how David and I met and started to date... it's a rather cute story if I do say so myself!

In February of 2016, David was in town from Arizona for 4 days. He was at my church with a group of students representing the college that he worked for to the high school and junior high group at my church that I just so happen to lead worship in. I met him that day with my best friend Rachel and he invited us to come hear him speak to the school the following day. I decided that next day, Monday, that it wouldn't hurt to stay a little bit later to hear him teach so I did and got to talk to him for a bit that day. I remember not being able to understand what he was saying because of his accent but I am so used to it now!

On Tuesday he came in for a meeting with one of our pastors and we talked at the front desk, where I worked, for nearly over an hour and that is when I invited him to church the next night with our young adults group. On Wednesday night, he came to church with me and then out to eat with our group after the service and he stayed later than his entire group and planned to drive back to Arizona that night by himself at 11 pm (so he totally stayed for me!) When he was about to leave to drive back to Arizona he told me he wanted to continue to get to know me and so we exchanged numbers and the story gets all twisty from there!

After his initial trip to Vegas we began to text and call each other for a month before he came back out to Vegas again to visit me and get to know me. He came in April of 2016 for 3 days. On the last day that he was in Vegas he told me he wanted to start pursuing me. I did not want to have my first relationship be long distance and with a guy I barely knew so I told him that we should pray and fast about it for sometime.

From the age of 16 the Lord had put on my heart to wait for my husband and to not enter into any relationships until I knew that was the person the Lord was calling me to.

We ended up fasting from texting and calling each other for a week and pray about if the Lord was calling us together. After a week of praying about him, the Lord had put it on my heart that it wasn't my season yet and to remain pursuing Him in my singleness. David called that night and the Lord had given him confirmation on me and showed David to start pursuing me and I had to give him the hard news of the Lord showing me that it wasn't time for me.

We ended up not talking for 6 months and 2 of those 6 months he moved to La Gloria Mexico where our church has a base. After those 2 months in Mexico, David came to Vegas to see if he could do a church planting internship here. I totally thought he came here for me but the Lord honestly moved him here to get plugged into this church.

After a month of David living in Vegas I was able to see what he was like in real life and not long distance. I was able to see his heart for ministry, how he interacted with people, and I grew to have feelings for him.

A few more months went by and we were back to square one. We had feeling for each other but we didn't know if the Lord was calling us to each other.

Again, I made us fast and pray but this time for a month and after a hard long month we finally BOTH had confirmation on each other.

David and I began our relationship February 28th 2017 and falling in love with each other was fast and easy. He is truly my best friend, the one I can fully be myself with, who accepts me even with all of my flaws and loves me because of them. He is always pointing me closer to the Lord, challenging me and pushing me to be better everyday and always my number one support.

Well thats our story :)

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