Guys, Christmas is less than a week away and I cannot even believe it! It is time to get those last minute present bought, wrapped, and put under the tree for everyone to see.

Ever since I have been old enough to purchase my own gifts and my own gift wrap, wrapping presents has become one of my favorite Christmas activities. I love to get a mug of hot coco, sit in my Christmas decorated room while watching one of my favorite Christmas movies, (this year it was The Holiday) and wrap my presents in new and cute ways! 

In last years Christmas Wrapping Post, I got amazing name tags from Celeste Clark and this year, I decided to do the same! I absolutely love her Christmas tags and will probably continue using them for as long as she makes them. This year, I decided to wrap my packages in brown paper again because I just love how they turn out, and I also wrapped some in red and white paper that says "May your days be merry and bright" that I got from Hobby Lobby. I decorated my gifts with White Cable Cord and black and grey yarn, also from Hobby Lobby.  

I always try to write peoples names on their packages and completely fail hard because I have horrible handwriting and this year wasn't any different, after trying to do it on one gift, I gave up. Sorry for the horrible writing Rachel.

How do you get creative with your Christmas gift wrapping? If you use these gift tags for your Christmas wrapping and post a picture, make sure to tag Celeste and I so we can see how you used them. 

Merry Christmas!!