I cannot believe we are halfway through December already! Can time go by any faster? I think not.

December is my favorite time to blog because I feel like there are endless topics to write about. I also love to read everyones December posts and see how everyone is spending their Christmas season. Today I thought it would be really cool to write about where I would spend Christmas if I could spend it anywhere. 

Guys, if I had the choice to spend Christmas in any place I wanted, I would spend Christmas in London! I'm sure it comes to no surprise that I am obsessed with Zoella and watching her vlogs makes me want to go everywhere she goes. There isn't much festiveness here in Las Vegas and sometimes it doesn't even seem like it's Christmas, but in London or Brighton (where Zoe lives) it looks so Christmassy! I love the way that the UK looks, all the buildings are so quaint and perfect and I just love that! I love that you can properly dress for the season (this is coming from the girl who hates the "cold" snow) but I just think it would be cool to experience a real Christmas! 

From what I have seen in peoples videos from London or areas around it, there are cute little shops, amazing coffee spots, and tiny little lanes... how fun! I can't help but to think of one of my favorite Christmas movies The Holiday, when I think of Christmas being spent in London. If you guys haven't seen that movie, I highly suggest you rent it right this second! (But finish this post first ;))

I have not yet been to London but I am hoping to one day very soon, bucket list item for sure! 

Where do you dream of traveling to for Christmas? Have you ever been to London this time of year?