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Christmas shopping has begun and I have put together a little gift guide for you! Whether you are shopping for a friend, sister, brother, or your bae ;) I have some great items picked out for you! 

 F O R  T H E  H O M E 

I recently just had a huge clan of my friends get married and move in with their husbands so I thought I would put a few items on this guide for those of you have friends in similar situations. I love getting home decor gifts for my friends and right now I am loving these items: Marble CoastersCarrara Tea PotGold Alphabet LetterGold Terrarium52 Lists Book, and Jewelry Box, because honestly who wouldn't want these?! 

T H E  B E A U T Y  G I R L

We all know someone that loves all things beauty so I have thrown together a couple items for her. This Makeup Trio is a great buy! It has really great colors and is a pretty good bargain! Of course, if we know that girl who loves makeup, then we all know that girl who loves selfies, so what better thing to get her than a Selfie Light

F A S H I O N I S T A 

For the girl who loves fashion and clothes you can always play it safe with a nice Bag and a set of Chokers cause everyone loves chokers right now so you can't go wrong!

E V E R Y D A Y  L A D Y

I know there are those girls who are so hard to shop for but we all need these next two items to chuck in our hand bags. I love to keep a good smelling Lotion in my bag especially for these dry winter days, a good Notebook to jot down my thoughts and my To Do's (because I am the most forgetful human ever!) and a cute and protective Phone Case

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I have never shopped for a guy other than my father and my dad likes/needs only a few specific things so I wasn't sure how to put these gifts into categories. Basically, shopping for any guy seems like a hard thing to do for me but I thought that these items could work for any guy you may know. 

You can shop these items down below.