I love that the season is finally changing here in Vegas and with the change of seasons come changes in seasons of life. It is as though this cooler weather brought so many life changes and because we all go through seasons of change, I wanted to talk you guys through how to go through those seasons.

For me, this season of life is so incredible and is changing so much. Like I mentioned in my Trip To Seattle post, I was involved in 2 weddings and know of 15 people who have either gotten married or are getting married this year. Now that all of my friends are hitched, they all have entered into this new season of life which inevitably has an affect on my season of life. 

My best friend, Rachel, got married in late September, so it has been a new season in our friendship. We are finding ourselves working with this new change and figuring out how to transition in this season. We were just talking the other night about how, in just a few weeks, things have changed but, that change isn't necessarily bad. We have realized that in the time we have been friends, we have been able to know exactly what the other was thinking and could relate to what they were going through, but now that Rachel is married there is this huge part of her life that I cannot understand until I am married one day. 

It has also been a change in season for being basically the only single one of my friends. I talked about my singleness and how I am walking through that journey on my Song Of Solomon post, but basically, I am learning how to embrace and love this season of singleness in the midst of being surrounded by married people. No matter what season of life I am in and even though seasons are always changing, I hold on to the fact that my Lord is never changing. He remains the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and that is so comforting to me. It is comforting to know that because even though situations in life change whether it is a job or losing someone, I know that the only stable thing is God.

I want to encourage you that even in the seasons of hurt to turn to Jesus, don't get lost in your season and when you are in a time of rejoicing, remember who is allowing that season of joy. Sometimes we can get so caught up in our good season that we forget to thank the Lord for it or forget to even continue seeking Him. I find that when I am in a season of hurt that I run to the Lord way more than when things are going my way. The Lord loves you and wants you to continue to seek Him in the bad and the good. 

I have been through seasons of pain and seasons of joy and I'll tell you that in the midst of it all, my refuge is Jesus and my relationship with Him keeps me feeling like I can walk through it. I know I couldn't do it alone but with His strength, I can. 

Are you in a season of hurt or struggle? I encourage you to pray and give it to the Lord. We were not meant to carry it all on our own and I want you to know that you are loved immensely by our Savior.