I have been home from Seattle for four days and I am sitting here in bed looking at my suitcase that still needs to be emptied... you could say I am extremely good at procrastinating. My trip to Seattle came and went so fast, A part of me is sad that it went so quickly and the friends that I was looking forward to seeing are miles away again but another part of me is glad that I am home and there are no more weddings that I am apart of.

Wedding season hit me like a ton of bricks and I am feeling the aftermath of it. To catch you up on the latest with all this wedding talk, Ive been involved in 2 weddings and know of 15 people (not including their spouses) who are getting married this year... wedding season has never been so real for me! Being home without expecting or planning for another wedding feels amazing, but I did have such an amazing time being involved in both weddings.

My trip to Seattle was a memorable one for sure. I went up there with a ton of friends for my friend Sara's wedding and I was able to see people from high school and from my semester at bible college and basically have a mini reunion. We got to explore the city, hike to a lake at the top of a mountain, coffee shop hop, play zombies in a pitch black church, party so hard, laughed until we dropped, and got to see the most beautiful couple getting stinkin married!

Sara was the most peaceful bride there ever was and she made being her bridesmaid so fun and easy. It was such a blessing to see Sara and Jeff get married and I know that their marriage is going to bless so many people and bring so much joy to others lives. Individually they are filled with the love of Christ and together, that love is overflowing.

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