If there is one thing that makes me feel happiest, it's when fall is approaching and it is starting to feel more seasonal. I don't know about you but fall is 100% my favorite season. I was inspired by the 52 Lists Project book by Moorea Seal to write a blog post on all of the things that I love about fall.

| | | F A L L  F A V O R I T E S | | |

1. Cooler Weather... duh, who doesn't love cooler weather?!
2. Bonfires
3. Pumpkin Patches
4. PSL a.k.a Pumpkin Spiced Lattes #basicwhitegirlchoice
5. Decorations... for fall not halloween
6. The excuse to eat more baked treats!
7. The fact that Christmas is just around the corner
8. Dark Lipstick
9. Seasonal Movies... Harry Potter anyone? (even though I watch Harry potter all year round)
10. Bath and Body Works Candles... Pumpkin Pecan Waffles is the best!
11. Bundling up in Blankets
12. More evening walks
13. Friend and Family
Fall is the best season when it comes to fashion. I just love to layer and add a few more pieces to my outfit that will really make it. 

If I could plan my perfect fall day, It would consist of waking up and going outside to drink my coffee and read my devotionals, having my best friend over all day, watch our favorite movies with the windows open and the fall breeze coming in, lighting my favorite candle (Pumpkin Pecan Waffles), and ending it with a game night at my house with all of my friends. When I think of fall, my mind automatically goes to a day spent like this and I can't wait to do all of it! 

What are some of the things that you love about fall?

What I am loving this fall: