Today I wanted to share with you guys something a little more personal than my usual Product Review or Fashion post. I was reading the other day in Song of Solomon 4 and it is a chapter that Solomon is admiring his bride and because of the time that this was taken place, the words that were spoken were so beautiful and nothing like I have ever heard from people today. 

As I was reading this chapter, I was thinking of how we, the body of Christ, are the bride of Christ and the way that Solomon was admiring his bride is how God admires His creation and His bride. There is one verse that really stands out to me, it is verse 9 and it says:

 "You have captured my heart, my treasure, my bride. You hold it hostage with one glance of your eyes, with a single jewel of your necklace." (NLT)

When I read this verse I think of it coming from two perspectives, the first one being from the Lord, talking to me or talking to His bride in general and how much He loves us and that we have captured His heart, we are His treasure, His bride and God is so in love with us. 

The second perspective that I see, is from those who know the Lord or those who have just received Him. When the Holy Spirit opens your eyes and you recognize the goodness of the Lord, whether it is the first time your eyes are open to the Lord or your eyes are being reopened to His goodness, you are fully captivated. You get a glimpse into the Lords eyes and you can't help but be fully captivated by Him.

For me, it is a great reminder knowing that the Lord is my husband and provider and His love is more fulfilling and satisfying than any human love I could ever receive. It is helpful to think of this when I get impatient while waiting on the guy whom the Lord will bless me with. Sometimes I get so caught up in the "waiting" for my future husband that I forget that marriage is a blessing and it is not something that I automatically get for being human or by being on this earth. The Lord doesn't have to give me or anybody a spouse but, if He chooses to then it is just that extra blessing.  

We should be satisfied with having the Lord as our spiritual husband knowing that His love will fill us more than a physical husband can. Humans let us down, my future husband will let me down and I will let Him down, it's inevitable, but if we are filled with the Lords love, we can know and trust that the Lords love will never end. Now, I don't say all of this because I have it all together, I definitely need this for myself. I sometimes get tired of waiting. I see marriages happening around me and I always think "when will it be my turn", I get so impatient when really I should be using this time to build up my relationship with the Lord and allow His love to be my full satisfaction. 

Everyday my prayer is asking the Lord to fulfill my heart, to help me to be content in my singleness and content in seeking Him. Verse 9 is my new go to verse, to remind me that the Lords love is fulfilling and He is my spiritual husband. 

He loves you with a fulfilling and fervent love.

I hope that this was able to encourage you and minister to your heart. Lately, I have been wanting to share some more personal posts and things that I go through. My heart and my goal is to one day reach and build a community of young ladies with my blog. I want this to be a place where you can come and share the struggles and successes that you go through and that you will know that there is a community of girls and women here to support you. 

Feel free to comment down below or even send over an email! I am always open to meet you and build a friendship with you!