Have you guys ever heard that saying "You are what you eat"? Well, it is so true! What we eat comes out through our skin and if you are filling your body with nutritious food, your skin will reflect that. 

I have been suffering from acne on my face for the past couple of years and even though it hasn't cleared, I can honestly say that my skin looks and feels better whenever I am eating healthier and I noticed that whenever I have a milkshake or fries or anything that just is not good,  I break out a little bit more.  

I have put together 5 foods that will have your skin feeling and looking great!

<<<<< Chia Seeds >>>>>

Chia seeds contain Zinc and Omega 3's. Zinc helps in fighting, healing, and preventing acne, while Omega 3's have strong anti-inflammatory properties and fight against wrinkles. These little seeds are exactly what your acne is needing! I love putting Chia seeds in my smoothies or in my water, they fill me up without me feeling too bloated.  Click HERE to see more amazing nutritional facts about Chia Seeds.  

 <<<<< Kale and Spinach  >>>>>

If you break out on either side of your face and you live in a highly polluted area, then you probably aren't getting enough pure air. Leafy greens, like Kale and Spinach, bring oxygen to your body and help prevent sun damage. Kale and Spinach are overall great for your skin. According to Livestrong.com "The nutrients in Kale can heal your skin and reverse skin damage and the high chlorophyll content of Kale delivers substances that reduce inflammation, like acne, and detoxify your body.I love to put Kale and Spinach in my smoothies in the morning or having a big Kale and Spinach salad for lunch to keep my skin glowing and clear.

<<<<< Blueberries >>>>>

Blueberries are filled with antioxidants to help fight free radicals and serve as an anti-inflammatory. Eating more blueberries will help eliminate breakouts so eat away! I love eating blueberries in my smoothies, oatmeal or even alone as a snack.

<<<<< Almonds >>>>>

Almonds are full of selenium which is also an antioxidant and help preserve your skin’s elasticity and reduce inflammation. A handful of almonds a day will help your skin greatly! Click HERE for tons of different almond snacks and nutritional facts.

<<<<< Cacao Nibs >>>>>
Antioxidants must be the theme of this post and these little guys are filled with them! I love to sprinkle cacao nibs on my oatmeal because they add a nice little crunch! Want to learn more about Cocao? Click HERE! 

This post was inspired by 
Nuts.com and if you guys love nutritious snacks then you have to head over to their site for so many yummy nutritious snacks.

What are your skins favorite foods? Lets talk in the comments. 

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