Instagram has always been my favorite social media app, but ever since I got connected with some amazing girls through it, it has become even greater!

Meet Brittany and Sarah, amazingly beautiful ladies on the inside and out. I started following Sarah and her friend Megan on Instagram about 2 months ago after finding them through a mutual friends Instagram. About a month into following them, I started this awesome class called Killitoninsta by a lovely couple named Cara and Justin and got introduced to them over Instagram by Cara. Around the same time that I was introduced to Megan and Sarah, is when Brittany reached out to me and said she would like to meet me. I was so excited that she messaged me and I wanted to meet her and her girls right away! 

After a couple of long and busy weeks, we finally found a day that would work for us to meet for coffee. Brittany decided to bring Sarah along and I couldn't have been more excited. I met up with Brittany and Sara at Makers and Finders, a local coffee shop here in Vegas and loved them right away. These girls are so sweet and have an amazing passion for traveling, fashion, pictures, and of course, Instagram. We got to talk and get to know each other over a refreshing iced Coconut Milk Latte. After getting our coffee fix, we had to take some pictures together (of course!) so we roamed the downtown area and got some amazing shots. I'll tell ya, there is nothing like a few pictures to get you bonding right away. 

Instagram is a great way to get connected to those who are interested in the same things you are so if you haven't already, reach out to someone, maybe in your area or in your same niche and just say hello! Amazing friendships can start from a simple hello.  

Have you met someone amazing through Instagram? Lets chat about it. Leave your comments down below.

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