Sometimes buying a Christmas gift for someone you are so close to can be harder than you ever thought.  Every single year I have the same dilemma of not knowing what the heck I am getting for my peeps!  I have been in a store for hours trying to find that perfect gift for my best friend (or pretty much all of my friends) thinking that she is not going to like this, this isn't sentimental enough, this is too sentimental, Ive bought her a mug for like 5 years, and so on and so forth.  To help you and I prepare this year I thought I would put together a guide to help us!

My best friend and I can be opposite when it comes to gifts which is why it is so hard for me to shop for her.  I like sentimental gifts, candles, journals and endless amounts of coffee mugs, Rachel (my bestie) on the other hand would probably be happy with a gift card to Gap but that isn't much fun is it?! Somehow I have always managed to pull off a good Christmas gift for her.  Well lets get in to it shall we?

Francesca's: For The Girly Girl  
You can get things from clothes and accessories to great books and trinkets here.  It is one of Rachel's favorite stores!  

 That sign explains our life to a T!

                                                                          $10   $16
                                                                          $24   $16  

Urban Outfitters: The Hippie   
I love Urban so much! They have great gifts for decorating your room or home, they have great stocking stuffers, and is perfect for that candle lovin', coffee mug sipin', or journal writin' person in your life! (That's Me!) 

I want one of everything!
                                                                          $24   $16.95
                                                                          $15   $10

Forever 21: The Every Kind Of Girl 
You can literally find anything and everything at Forever! Whether it is beanies and headbands, cute purses, great jewelry, and pretty much anything else your friend will like for a cheap price! 

                                                                     $8.90   $12.90
                                                                     $12.90  $11.90

Those are probably my top three go to places to get gifts for all of my friends and to buy a few little stocking stuffers too! I hope this post helped you guys out as much as it did me.  Let me know some great gifts you have gotten your best friend, I would love some new ideas! I will talk to guys real soon! Bye