Hello my friends! So I think I have a pretty good idea of what time of the week I can blog.  I just started school last monday so I've been kind of busy with school work and all that fun stuff.  I want to start my fashionista Fridays back up and also blog about my CCBC experience!

So far I've moved into my dorm and I have 5 roommates so 6 of us total... that's crazy right?! I love all of them and even though we all have our separate friend groups they are becoming like my sisters.

The first few days of being here were a lot harder then I expected them to be.  I was very homesick and didn't really have friends yet and I just really wanted to go home in my own bed but I am so happy I stuck it out because I have met some pretty amazing people!

Rachel came with my parents and I to drop me off at school and we took this right before she left with my parents.  
Saying goodbye is so weird! 

This is the lake that is on my campus.  The whole campus is so beautiful!
My friends and I like to do homework by the lake while some of our friends fish.  
It's so nice!

This girl above is Lacey.  I knew of her before coming because my friend Hannah came to this school last semester and Lacey is her best friend.  I knew that all of Lacey's girl friends weren't here this semester and I didn't really have anyone I knew either besides my friend Mckay.  The first three days when I was feeling homesick I prayed that the Lord would bring Lacey into my life somehow because I was too scared to go up to her.  Two days later she sat in chapel with Mckay and I and then Lacey and I started talking! What a blessing right?!   

My friend Corinna came into town the weekend after my first week at school because she knew I was homesick and she tagged along with Lacey and I.  Corinna is so weird and she brought out my normal weird self faster then I would have on my own and Lacey is a weirdo too so perf!  Us three girls bonded so much and we wish Corinna was coming to school here.  
Thank God for Corinna! 
And praise the Lord that He answered my prayer about Lacey!

This is Vail, she was my friend Sara's roommate from last semester.  Sara isn't here this semester and when I came to tour the school last semester I hungout with her and Sara so I kind of knew her but, not very well so I was really awkward at first.  So all three of us, Lacey, Vail and I were all loners the first week of school and now we are the best of friends! 
I am so blessed by these two girls! We all just work together and I have so much fun with them! 
We are such weirdos!!

Lacey, Vail, and I slept on the beach and it was so fun... and cold! 

My high schools Choir was in California for their Choir Tour which I was apart of all four years of high school and I got to go see them sing at a church near by! These two above are the ones you see a lot in my previous blog posts.  I am so happy I got to see them! 
I miss Choir Tour! 

Well you guys I hope to post this Friday and I am really going to try to.
Have a good week my peeps!!