Hello loves!! 
So just like last weekend, no Fashionista Friday but I did take a lot of pictures this week!

It was pretty stormy here in Vegas and I took advantage of the beautiful weather!
If you live in Vegas you know we don't usually get stormy weather like this.  It was so foggy on Wednesday night it felt like I was in some other state or something! 

With the beautiful weather I took every moment I could to sit outside and enjoy it!

and I love all the Fall colors I see everywhere!!!

My Succulent ornament is so stinkin cute!!

I love weeks/weekends like these but I hate working them! 
I only have 37 more days till my last day at work and only 56 days till I leave for CCBC!!!
Praise The Lord
I hope everyone had a good week and wish everyone a good week to come! 
ugh tomorrow is monday

Keep It Beautiful