Guys today was the longest day of my life! I could have fit two of my regular days in today.
I got up at 5:45 AM and had to be at the church at 7:00... well i didn't HAVE to i wanted to because i was singing with my friends for Thanksgiving chapel at my old School.  It was very hard for me to sing this morning because my voice is going away and it was so early!

  All in all the chapel went very well and was an amazing time of worship.

So I've had this lace dress from Urban Outfitters that really should be a shirt because of its length and i haven't knows how to wear it.  I got this outfit idea from Pinterest and had one of those light bulb moments!

and of course before leaving the house i saw my sunflowers and had to take a picture with them lol!
They are just so pretty and they are lasting a long time!!

After singing i had some down time to read my bible and spend time with The Lord.  I also got some tea for my sore throat :( 
I spent my day at the church/school because the high school had their turkey day which meant that they were playing the turkey bowl football game and i got to watch which was fun! 
Later i got coffee (hot chocolate) with a friend and got to catch up with her.  
I just love days off even when i have to wake up early.  

Have a wonderful weekend loves!!

Keep it Beautiful