Monday, February 27, 2017

Embroidered Everything

Guys, there is a new trend in town and I am loving it. Embroidered Everything!! Tops, Jackets, Jeans, everything embroidered! I recently found out about a website called ROMWE and when I looked at the clothing and the prices, my mouth dropped! I have never seen so many cute items at such a great price and you gotta know that I filled my shopping cart up real quick!

This year has really become a year of saving for me and ROMWE has become one of my new favorite clothing sites because of their cute style and amazing prices! I can't wait to show you the embroidered items they have on their site!

When the embroidered trend was just coming out and everyone was wearing embroidered mom jeans, I could not hop on that bandwagon and then I saw Lindsey from The Nomis Niche wearing an incredibly cute white and baby blue striped shirt with embroidery on it and I immediately wanted it. Now I'm obsessed!

I do have to say that I still only like the items that are a little bit more toned down rather than the 90's mom jean but still, I am all about the embroidery these days!

What trends have you been loving lately? Let's talk fashion in the comments!

Monday, February 20, 2017

How To Set A Budget Plan / Free Downloadable

Guys I am so excited for todays post! It is coming a little late and we are well into the New Year but, it is never too late to set a budget plan right?! 

I don’t know about you guys, but I am so bad at saving! I love spending my money (I mean what girl doesn’t) But this year I really need to whip myself into shape because I’m not getting any younger and it’s time to be an adult (insert an “Adulting is Hard” Meme here) 

Earlier in the year, I met with a friend who is really good with his finances and he helped me come up with a budget plan that I want to pass onto you, because I know I really benefited from it and I want the same for you! #NewYearNewYou So enough rambling, lets get on with the plan!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Love, Love, Love

It's nearly Valentines Day! I thought it would be appropriate to talk about love languages and my top three love languages.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Change The Meaning Of Valentines Day

So we all know that Valentines day is approaching and for some of us who have a significant other, it may be a great holiday but for others it is one of the more dreaded Holidays. I have been there with the latter group before and I want to tell you how I started looking at Valentines Day in a different way.

In America, Valentines Day is a day of love for your significant other and if you don't have anyone it kind of leaves you hanging in the dust but in some cultures it is a day of friendship and relationships. How awesome is that? There is no expectation of having to be in a relationship to be able to celebrate Valentines day. Since I have spent every Valentines day single, I want to change my attitude about it and start being thankful for the friendships and relationships I do have in my life.

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