Friday, February 1, 2019

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

The fact that we are preparing for Valentine's Day is crazy! I feel like Halloween just happened and I was gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas, yet here we are talking about Valentine's Day date ideas!

I do want to start off by encouraging all my single ladies out there to not be discouraged but to see this as a time to gear up and get ready for the man that the Lord is preparing for you. This is not a time to be down on yourself because GIRL you are beautiful and amazing and the man who gets you is beyond lucky and blessed! Use this day/night to write a very special letter for your future husband and to pray for him, he may be feeling lonely today too!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

"Tastes Like a Cheat Day" Fudge || Daniel Fast Approved Dessert

If you are subscribed to my Youtube Channel or follow me on Instagram you would know that David and I have been doing the Daniel Fast and we surprisingly LOVE it! We have been getting creative with our food, feeling a ton lighter, and so much more energy. To explain the Daniel Fast, it is a biblical fast and there are a ton of articles on it which have been helpful for us. There is a 10 day or 21 day fast and we are fasting to pray for our upcoming move to Mexico City, our church plant, and a few more specific things. During your Daniel Fast, you cannot eat meat, dairy, sugar, or anything artificial. You can be more extreme with your fast but we decided to forgo the artificial aspect of the fast.  

Monday, January 14, 2019

Who Would Do Such a Thing || God is so GREAT!

I honestly don't even know how to start this blog post I just know I need to write it as it is happening. Our God is a GREAT God and we are so undeserving of His goodness!

On Sunday, January 6th 2019 my husband, David taught on a Sunday morning to the main congregation at the church we are apart of and work at, which very rarely does another pastor on staff other than our senior pastor, teach. We also announced to the church about our Mexico City church plant that will take place around June of 2019. We were so blessed by how many people came up to us after the services to pray for us and tell us they wish to support us. God's church is amazing when they are wholeheartedly serving Him.

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