Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fashionista Fridays

This is the only picture i have of my outfit today.  Its nothing special and I'm pretty sure i have worn this for a Fashionista Friday before but it is kind of my favorite!! it is so cute and California chick haha

This weekend i am touring the school i am going to be attending in February. these peeps are my friends who are already attending Calvary Chapel Bible College.

and thats what i did today!! 

Keep to Beautiful

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fashionista Weekend!

So Friday night i got home too late to blog and the same thing happened Saturday night, so i thought i would just combine the whole weekend into a big Fashionista, show you what i did, kind of thing.


Andrew, Hope, and I went to this restaurant called Skinny Fats and the atmosphere of this restaurant doesn't even feel like Vegas.  Us three always seem to find the least Vegas feeling places.

 Downtown Summerlin

Later that night i went to the Doulos Birthday party (Happy Birthday Doulos!!!)


I spent this day setting up for my pumpkin party. 

Terrible quality!

My sunflower pumpkin!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Keep it Beautiful 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall Festivities and Best Friend Days

Fall is here!! Today my best friend and i decorated my house for the new Season.  This is the third year that Rachel and i have decorated my house for Fall and we tend to hold out this tradition for as long as we can.  Today Rach and i started the day off by decoration the house and when my mom got home we sat out on the porch talking about everything under the sun.  With it being a saturday night and no plans ahead of us, us three ladies went to the pumpkin patch!


Literally the most disgusting pumpkin I've ever seen! 

I always love these kinds of days with my best friend and now that it is so hard to have these kind of days with her, because our schedules are so different, i have to really enjoy every second of them. 
i hope you guys had a lovely saturday and enjoy your week!

Keep it Beautiful

Fashionista Fridays

Hello lovely's happy friday!
today was such a great day off.  i brought lunch to my sister at her work and then met all of her work friends and it was so nice to be able to see my sissy.

After lunch with my sister i went to get coffee with a few of my crazy seniors! i love these peeps so much!

Then off to the football game I went!
i was doing the Alumni table with these beauties and watched us loose as usual but its okay i still love my Lions!!
After the football game i met up with my friend Sara who was in town with a few of her roommates and a few kids from her Missions class.  We all went to the Strip and showed the tourists around! 
Now I'm just home watching the Vampire Diaries and writing this post!!
i hope everyone has a good weekend!

Keep it Beautiful

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