Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Home Inspiration

For those of you who still live in the household of your parents, do you ever feel like you want your own apartment only for decorating purposes? Im sure most of us answered YES!
I have an amazing relationship with my parents and I love living at home but sometimes (mostly when I'm on Pinterest) I get so inspired to just decorate a house.  I think I have always had an interest in Interior Design and when I'm on Pinterest I see so many beautiful homes and it makes me want to get an apartment and design it how I see it in these pictures.

Since I have been in my recent home that we have been living in for 10 years, I have re-decorated my room 4 times.  My room was first Spongebob when I was about 9 years old (I was weirdly obsessed), then it was orange and turquoise, then purple and zebra, and now it is grey.  Guess what? I want to do it again!  Most people would Paint their rooms once maybe twice and be content with what they have chosen.  I on the other hand change what I like every couple of months.

I have been seeing white walls, tapestries, more modern and rustic rooms, wood flooring, and copper accessories and I want it! That explains part of my Christmas List (Last Post).  If you like these things too go to Target now.  Target has the cutest decorations for homes right now!
Well enough of my rambling! Here are some of the photos that have been inspiring me lately

For The Home:

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Year's Last Loveliest Smile

Happy Fall Y'all! I have been coming across a lot of fall pictures that are just getting me so excited for the season.  Being that I live in Las Vegas I don't really know what Fall is... sad I know! I have always wanted to go somewhere on the East coast during the Fall, or somewhere where I'll actually see other colors then brown.
Since the moment I was thinking about going to school in Seattle I have been looking at pictures of the beautiful scenery that is there, and my heart has been longing for that type of Fall. I think it is safe to say that the next trip I plan most definitely needs to be to Seattle, but luckily that's where we are going for our next Missions Trip!

Here are the pictures that have been giving me the Fall Feels I hope I pass it on to you!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Already Thinking About

Is anyone else already thinking about their Christmas list?  I know I am and everything else that is in between.  Now that Fall is here (even though it is still stinkin 90 degrees in Vegas!!!) it has gotten me so excited about the Holidays! I find my mind drifting to carving pumpkins, drinking warm pumpkin spiced lattés, eating a whole lot of sweets, Thanksgiving meal, chilled nights, and of course my Christmas list!  Here is what my list looks like so far.

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